Is it time to chirp yet?

Am impressed with myself. Here I am trying to start another blog, no a tumblog. I am known for my irregular blogging, even if others have not realized I know for sure am not a blogger at all. I am micro-blogger yes, 140 chars suits my style. So it goes tweet tweet all the day. 

Why Tumblr then? Is it going to enhance my irregular blogging in any way? Umm.. I don’t know but of course I am now at the liberty to post small updates. Something like chirping sweetly and for a short time. :D

Why I chose this name, Newbornbird. Well I have landed in a new horizon so just wanted to explore this further and as am new and addicted to Twitter so bird was a logical corollary. 

How inspired I will be to post here regularly I don’t know but sharing, yes it will be there. :)